<Set up> 

Rebonds a,b / Iannis Xenakis
Psappha / Iannis Xenakis
King of Denmark / Moton Feldmann
13 Drums /Maki ISHII
Ground / Norio FUKUSHI
Zyklus Nr.9 / Karlheinz .Stockhausen
Side by Side /Michio KITAZUME
Conundrum for 9 Tomtoms / Yasunori.YAMAGUCH
The Wolf / Yuji TAKAHASHI
Hun-Dun for Percussion solo and Tape/ Qu Xiao-Song 
Stilles Mass / Bernhard Wulff
Waves / Per Norgard
I Ching 4 Satz / Per Norgard
One4 / John Cage
Percussion Concerto / Andre Jolivet
Mani. Matta / Pierluigi Billone

<Snare Drums >

Kerberos /Sydney Hodkinson
Minute of News /Novotony
Theme and Variations / 
Kim / Askell Masson
Trommel Suite / Siekfried Fink


Dances of Earth and Fire / Peter.Klatzow
Velocities / Joseph Schwantner
2 Movements Marimba /Toshimtsu.TANAKA
Reflections of the nature of water / Jacob Druckman
Nancy /Emanuel Sejorne
Time /Akira MIYOSHI
Ripple /Akira MIYOSHI
Conversation /Akira MIYOSHI
Cherry Blossoms /Keiko ABE
Merlin / Andrew Thomas
Ultimatum /Neboja Zivkovic
The portrait of forest / Toshi Ichiyanagi
Hiten-Seido 3 /Maki ISHII 
Movement /Yoshiro IRINO
5 sienes of Snow Country / Henze
Cello Suite 1 G-Dur , 2 d-moll, 3 C-Dur, 4 Es-Dur, 6 D-Dur/ J.S.Bach
Partita for Flute a-moll / J.S.Bach
Ganaya / Matthias Schmit


Omar / Franco Donatoni
Loops II / Philippe Hure
SILICA for Piano & Vibraphone / Norio Fukushi

<Exept, Speciary>

Wak Wak / Slamat Sjurkur
Le Corps a Corps / Georges Aperghis


Sonata for 2 pianos and percussion / Bela Bartok
Rain Tree / Toru Takemitsu
Eight Categories / Jo Kondo
Volcano Mouth/ Jo Kondo
Table Music / Terry de Mey
Living room Music / John Cage
Piano Phase (Marimba ver.) / Steve Reich
Drumming / Steve Reich
Nagoya Marimba / Steve Reich
STELE pour deux percussionistes / Gerard Gresey
Divertiment for A.Sax & Marimba / Akira YUYAMA
Komposition fur Flute und Schlagzeug / Isabel Mundry
Concerto for Flute and 4 Percussionists / Andre Jolivet
match fur drei spieler – 2Celli and Percussion- / Mauricio Kagel
Rrrrrrr…….. / Mauricio Kagel
Streets for ensemble / Bruno Mantovani
KONTAKTE / Karlheinz Stockhausen
Triphony / Josep Sanz
Vertical Time Study II / Tosio Hosokawa
First comes the obvious opening gesture, but then the plot thickens, 
and the sweet background music is not what really matters here / Petr Bakla
Lied for Saxophone, Vibraphone and Piano / Hans Thomalla

And More…